Amanda Simmons

I’ve been collecting vinyl and art toys for nearly 25 years, that’s when I first noticed Blythe, At the time I couldn’t afford her, but I thought she looked so different with her big eyes.
20 years later I discovered her again, and I fell hard for her.
I’ve been a needle felter and miniature maker for years, and once I rediscovered Blythe she became a conduit of my creativity and imagination. She’s allowed me to nurture and play with my inner child.
It wasn’t long before I wanted to try my hand at customizing my own. Until recently I’ve only really made dolls for myself and friends, but I’m quickly running out of room, and knew it was time to share my girls with others.
I am inspired by the quirky, weird and sometimes absurd.
Besides customizing Blythe, I also sew clothing and accessories for her as well as needle felt.
I hope my imagination inspires others to play with their inner child, and remember how amazing it was to play.
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