Promote Your Doll

Did you know that last year alone (2020), Etsy sold €280,704.09 in 4,513 dolls and related articles that DollyCustom sent as traffic? That is over 376 items sold per month by DollyCustom visitors and followers. Probably, one or two of your dolls and you don’t even know 😃 DollyCustom has a lot of traffic and followers on social media, and you can take this opportunity to sell your dolls.

Currently, there are 2 different options:

  • Instagram Promo
  • Newsletter Promo

Instagram Doll Promo – €10*

Currently, DollyCustom has over 14K followers so, when getting an Instagram promo you will get a story with a link that will last for 24h and a post that will repeat until the doll is sold (or until it repeats 6 times). The repetition is between all currently promoted dolls, so it might take a couple of days until it shows again. Currently, 77% of the dolls promoted are sold, so you have a good chance of selling your doll!

It will also be featured on the Promo dolls section on the Homepage of the site and on the Dolls page (until sold or for up to 1 month).

Newsletter Dolls Promo – €30*

Every week DollyCustom sends 2 newsletters to more than 2100 subscribers. When you purchase a newsletter promo, you will be paying for an extra newsletter that will be created especially for you, with 1-4 dolls of your choice. This is highly targeted, so pricing is a little higher. These special editions will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays only.

Footer Ads – €12.50 / €25

Promoting your store or product for sale on DollyCustom can be a massive investment for your business. You can choose between a fixed banner or a rotative banner and for how long it will run.

Hurry up and save your spot. After we receive your information, you will be contacted to proceed with payment by PayPal and get your spot reserved. All proceedings will revert to support this project and sometimes when available to support the ‘Help the Kitties’ campaigns.

* 50% Discount for PRO Members over this value (Instagram Promo for €5 and Newsletter Promo for €15).

Disclaimer: Doing a promotion doesn’t mean that your doll/s will be sold. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee any sales.