Why promote your work on DollyCustom?

Did you know that last year alone (2020), Etsy sold €280,704.09 in 4,513 dolls and related articles that DollyCustom sent as traffic? That is over 376 items sold per month by DollyCustom visitors and followers. DollyCustom has a lot of traffic and followers on social media, and you can take this opportunity to sell your dolls.

DollyCustom Pro Membership

Pro Membership — €15/mo

Whether you are a new or a well-established Blythe doll customizer, there’s always room to have more followers, more fans, and more buyers.


Discount for Pro members

If you are a pro member you are eligible for a 30% discount on Instagram and Newsletter promos.

Instagram Promo Sample

Doll Promo – $10 / $7*

Currently, DollyCustom has over 14.7K followers so, when getting an Instagram promo you will get a story with a swipe-up link that will last for 24h and a post that will repeat until the doll is sold (or until it repeats 6 times), on Instagram and Facebook.

* 30% discount for Pro members

Instagram Ad – $15 / $10.50*

Instagram Ads will run for a whole month, every other day, meaning it will have 15 repeats. You can use it to promote your store or one of your products.

* 30% discount for Pro members

Instagram Ad Sample

Disclaimer: Doing a promotion doesn’t mean that your doll/s will be sold. Unfortunately, DollyCustom can’t guarantee any sales.

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