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Please meet Sarah from Alberta, Canada. Sarah has been customizing Blythe dolls since 2023 after being released from the military and needing a creative release.

Let’s get to know more about her!

When did you start customizing Blythe dolls and what inspired you to do so?

Having always enjoyed fine arts and already being a miniature and doll collector, I started customizing in 2023. I needed an outlet to channel my energy and creativity after releasing from military service and it quickly became a hobby allowing me to find peace, joy, and solace.

Who are your favorite Blythe customizers? Which artists inspire you?

It’s truly too difficult for me to narrow down favourites. There are so many talented customizers in our community and I’m fortunate in that my personal Blythe collection is comprised of different dolls and styles from artists all over the world! It’s really easy to tell which artists find true joy in their creations and that’s when I’m inspired and what draws me to their work.

Do you attend Blythe conventions? If so where have you traveled to?

Because Canada doesn’t have a very large population in general (let alone a specific Blythe-loving population), Blythe shows aren’t common. I would love to travel to one as soon as circumstances and schedules allow though.

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What is your favorite customizing tool that you can’t work without?

Oh goodness—Hands down it’s my PanPastels, Kredioo drill, and hand carving tools. They are a necessity for creating depth, detail, and completing every overall look on my dolls.


Is there a customizing style you haven’t tried but you want to try?

I’d like to work more with epoxy and/or moulding clay for accentuating certain features like eyes and cheeks. I’ve experimented a little, but am currently focusing on overall technique. Once I feel I have my niche look down, then I’ll branch out to altering core features of my customs.


Do you have any other hobbies?

I love playing piano and enjoying the outdoors. (Canada has every type of terrain imaginable and I feel at peace when surrounded by rushing water and the sounds of nature.) I also have an extensive 1:12 scale dollhouse I made and miniature collection, which I’ve been expanding for over 20 years.


Do you have any pets? If so and you want to share a photo you can upload below.

I do! My adorable handful of a MalteseX, Chase. A house just isn’t a home without our furry companions!

Do you collect dolls as well as create them? What dolls do you collect (Blythe or others)?

My doll collection currently consists of several stock and custom Pullips, custom Blythes, and custom Monster/Rainbow High dolls. I suppose I can also include my 1:12 scale collection of dolls also!


What do you hope to accomplish in 2024?

I really want to adopt a look that specifically defines my brand. I constantly experiment with different lip and eyes shapes, different facial features, makeup/shading, etc, but haven’t found an overall *look* that MPDsCreations can be known for. I guess that’s not necessarily good or bad—As in, I can appeal to different tastes, but having a signature, so to speak, with the community will help me stand out.


Do you have any advice for new customizers?

The doll community is extremely generous in sharing their knowledge and processes. DEFINITELY watch reels, YouTube videos, etc on how to improve your skills. Don’t be shy! Network and interact with different artists often. Most are incredibly friendly and supportive. Even though customizing can be so much fun, it can also be tedious and frustrating. That’s when you’ll need support and perspective.


Any final remarks?

This has been a lovely interview and I hope I’ve been able to share some meaningful thoughts. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you to all the friends and artists I’ve met since I began my own customizing journey. Take care, everyone!!

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