DollyCustom – Blythe Doll Customizers is an online project with the purpose of gathering all artists that create amazing Blythe doll customs. The first version of this site was launched in 2014 with 84 Blythe doll customizers. Currently, this site is in version two with more than 400 customizers each with a page dedicated, a gallery of images and useful information. A lot of ideas are in a queue for this new version, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.

DollyCustom also features a weekly selection of custom Blythe dolls for sale (on Etsy) and selected auctions available through eBay.


Each customizer is represented by an individual page with:

  • a large cover image of one of the custom dolls
  • a small bio
  • brand, real name, country and year when started customizing Blythe dolls
  • website and social media links (when applicable)
  • availability for commission work
  • Etsy store items for sale (if available)
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