Suok Dolls

Larisa Lipatova


I have a musical background and played the violin for a long time. I got a second degree in 1997 and worked in a legal office. I’m still working there, but not as much. My daughter is a musician, one son is a university student and a writer, my second son is a student and a computer lover.
In 2012 I bought my first doll and joined the community of doll lovers in Russia (dollplanet). Since then I started working on dolls, making clothes and jewelry. In 2014 I became an artist. I prefer drawing with Derwent and Prismacolor pencils. I have a big pencil collection and not so big collection of dolls (30 dolls by Mr. Tonner and some other dolls). During my childhood I did not play with dolls at all, I did not have them.
I started customizing Blythe dolls on November 7, 2017. I waited a few days before this date to begin my first carving, so it is easy to remember – 100 years of a big revolution in Russia.

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