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Hi! I´m Mia. I was born and live in the Basque Country, in the north of Spain, a place surrounded by forests, mountains, and sea, with an ancient culture that includes its own language and mythology.
I live in a town with my two daughters dogs, fishes, and many plants. I love nature, solitude, dedicating myself to many projects and hobbies and grow with my dear friends and family.

I have a degree in art from the University of the Basque Country and I studied fashion design in an Academy. I’ve lived with art for a lifetime, especially as an illustrator and painter. I work professionally in each of my projects ensuring high quality, with a lot of love, care, and patience.

When I customize Blythe dolls I don´t repeat the carving or makeup because the most important thing for me is to learn as much as I can. I love that the designs are not repeated, so I’m happy that they are exclusive and unique pieces of collector and I think this is important. I enjoy customizing dolls because is a magic thing, getting them to be alive, looking for their own personality and tastes. Also, I love to do clothes and cut their hair … all handmade by me. My signature is a hand-painted flower, because I love these, and each of my girls chooses the one she likes the most.

For me, it’s really exciting to know that my dolls find their new home around the world and I´m happy in this custom dolls world because people are really kind and beauty, like an adult child that doesn´t forget to dream 🙂

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