I’ve been creating and selling crochet-amigurumi designs and patterns since 2009. I found myself in Blythes’ world when I created my Etsy account. I had bought two Blythes back then and I started with creating clothes for them and selling their patterns online. As I created more, I started to feel more invested in Blythes. Then I thought to myself, “Why shouldn’t I make my own Blythes?” So that’s how I was introduced to creating Blythes. Meanwhile I also took painting and sculpture courses. I also do other doll repaints (BJD, Barbie, etc.) All of my Blythes are unique and have different quirks. I love to use different techniques for creating their eyes, like using Epoxy, dry flowers and other materials. All of their clothes are created by me. It makes me happy when they finally find their home!

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