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My name is Daniela and my friends call me “Dani”, hence my brand got the name DANIDIDOLLS. I started customising Blythe dolls in the beginning of 2020, however since my childhood I have been addicted to art, especially drawing, knitting, sewing, sculpting and many other handcrafted stuff. Not long ago, I was browsing through the internet looking for handmade art. This is when I came across the Blythe dolls.
I instantly fell in love with these captivating dolls! I couldn’t wait to customize one for myself, so I bought all the necessary tools and took master classes. Since then, I have been obsessed with these dolls and I spend almost all my free time working on them. They became my biggest passion, which brings me lots of joy and satisfaction. I turned my attic into an atelier where I can create, relax and forget about the time! I hope you enjoy my work! Warm regards Daniela

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