Masha Prilutzki


I am what I am.

Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to bring beauty into the world. That desire was born after I saw an exceptionally ugly cartoon on tv. I started my journey as a professional artist, making visual art in the form of drawings and paintings as you can see here on my instagram art account @mashaprilutzki . But I always had a thought in the back of my head that toys will be something I would one day create.

Then I stumbled upon the world of customized dolls. And the idea of taking something basic and making it special was a great fit for my overall goal of bringing beauty into the world. So that is why customizing Blythe dolls comes so naturally to me. And I hope each doll I make will bring beauty to someone’s life.


The name of my brand is ‘Bad S!d’ (stands for Bad Seed), and the slogan is ‘I am what I am’. I’ve spent most of my life as a social Black Sheep… and I believe that it made me and other kids like me special. We were outside the mainstream, and that allowed us to bring something new to the world.

I wanted my brand and the dolls I create to reflect that mode of being.

I wanted to make dolls for the unpopular kids, the rejects, the outcasts, the black sheep… While most of those kids spend their lives in the shadows, I want to bring them to the front. They are the unique ones, and usually, those kids are the ones who grow up to become the individuals that change the world.

That’s why each of my dolls has its unique personality and vibe.

Each one is unlike any other, and they would never apologize for it.

So they can proudly say, “I am what I am”.

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