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The most beautiful dolls in the world - Blythe dolls!

I discovered my first Blythe doll on 14 Oct 2010 a birthday gift cowgirl Blythe from a special friend, I was excited and start to customize that doll - cowgirl Blythe. Only after I had cowgirl customized I realized that this is what I want to try myself. The more I learnt about them the more to discovered and simply fell in love with them. My journey as a doll artist has begun.

I hope you will enjoy viewing my portfolio. I absolutely love working on these dolls and photographing the results. All my custom dolls are made with love and care. I adore turn them into a beautiful face-up - some are one of a kind dolls.

This truly is a dream come true.
I had handcrafted more than 2000 dolls. I hope you own one of my dolls too. I thank many for your support.

** written by Jo Jie on behalf of Mr Tawesup

Tawesup Chansupa
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