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I was born and grew up in the Czech Republic, however since 18 I’ve lived in England. I consider both countries my home and pend between them. I am a wife and Mummy to my sweet little boy who has special needs but who is my sunshine and the biggest inspiration. I love all things creative. As long as I can remember I always loved dolls. At the age of 11, my mother fulfilled my dream and bought me my one and only real Barbie doll who I treasure until today.

Since I was a child I enjoyed art and craft but I loved drawing faces and people the most. My fascination with creativity developed further later on in life when I discovered photography. Photography has been and still is a huge part of my life for more than two decades. I carry a camera with me everywhere! I take photos every day because there is just so much beauty and special moments in every single day. I mainly self-studied but I attended few photography classes, too.

I can probably say that all of these experiences with different types of arts and my desire for creativity have helped me to become who I am today and move onto another exciting phase in my life – Blythe doll customizing!!! It is a fascinating journey and one that I truly enjoy. The dolls are part of me, they live in a very special place in my heart. When I can’t be creative, it is like I am missing an important part of my body. I love transforming these girls into one of a kind doll. I love giving the dolls individual personalities and breathe a soul into each and one of them. Making them come alive!

I enjoy searching for inspiration, it’s very exciting! Sometimes a momentary feeling is all I need and sometimes I have to search deeper. My little son provides plenty of inspiration too but I find that if I search carefully within my own self, amazing things will emerge, like a butterfly from a cocoon!

So I shall carry on this journey for as long as I can as transforming these little girls and making their new Mummies happy is something I truly feel I was made to do! And if you ever ask me if dreams do come true…. then I can provide you with the only answer – YES, they do and I am a living proof 🙂

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