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I’m a Malaysian girl filled with passion for artistic and handmade items. I don’t have any art knowledge at the beginning but my passion leads me to learn new things almost every day. I saw, I learned, I failed and I keep trying. My first Blythe of the year 2008. I start to discover custom Blythe year after. I started to customize dolls in 2009 but not that frequent as I only do it as part of my hobbies during my leisure time. I am very happy to see each new look I created for my doll. Some of the dolls I sell online and some I kept them in my own collection.
Every masterpiece I created, I take it as part of my learning process in the world of Art. Creating each unique look for each doll is really awesome and fun! 😀 I also started to paint Blythe eye chips in Oct 2015. I enjoyed creating new chips for the doll. Every single eye chips were painted carefully in different technique each time. It was also a new journey for me to try out new stuff and also accept a new challenge.

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