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I’m 44 years old, I am married and mother of two grown children, a girl, and a boy. My daughter is studying in the US for a master’s degree, and my son attends high school.
I love dolls since I can remember. They are not my job but my passion. In 2006 I approached the BJD world and started buying, dressing and sewing clothes for these kinds of dolls.
In 2013 my love for the Blythe was born. I find Blythe dolls really versatile and exceptional. I am very excited to work on them. From carving to makeup, I like to comb them or cut their hair, then sew their clothes and make the shoes. Not to mention creating eyechips and pull charms.I also accept commissions and ship to Europe and USA, even though my dolls remain mostly in Italy, close to me 🙂

Sonia Gasperini
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