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My name is Natasha Martynova. I am 37 years old. I’m from Russia. I have two sons, one is one year old and the other is five years old. I have higher education in economics, before the birth of my children, I always worked in an office. Creativity has always been in my life. I can sew, knit, paint, sculpt, and much more. All my creative skills came in handy when I started customizing Blythe dolls.

Blythe dolls won my heart in 2020. I am also a doll collector since 2015. In my collection, there are different dolls in different formats, but mainly from Japan.

The first Blythe doll I purchased was customized. I studied it for a long time and decided to make my own version. I was trained by one of the best masters in Russia. I would like to become a professional in customizing dolls and make it my main job.

Natasha Martynova
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