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My name is Jan, and I’m from Singapore, a little tropical island in Southeast Asia. I live here with my family, as well as three cats and a dog. I’m a full-time Mom, so I am grateful to be able to work on my dollies at home. Before I became a Mom, I was a writer and editor (which is also something I am able to work on from home, but which has taken a backseat to the girls ^-^). I first discovered Blythe at least 14 years ago now. I was working in an office at the time, which was connected to a mall, and every lunchtime I’d visit the bookstore, and then the collectible toy store opposite. There were these big-eyed dolls there, and I’d keep looking and looking at them… finally, I got one of my own! I have been customizing them, and other dolls, for a few years now.

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