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Hi, my name is Amandine (Mandy for friends), 38 years old and in a relationship with the love of my life since 2003. I’m French but I lived in different places in the world: in French Polynesia 2 years and in Spain for almost 18 years.
I’m a travel addict, dreamer optimistic and Thailand lover, and I love art, drawing ( I draw since my childhood, a big passion!). I also love animals and nature. I help animal shelters and I worked in a Rescue Parrots center with 350 parrots.
Before leaving to Spain in 2017, I was working in a big company in Barcelona as a manager and a team trainer. I took the train every day to go to the “big city” but when I returned home, I was living in a countryside village in my little paradise, with my horses, parrots, goat, chicken, dogs, cat and rabbit. I was also a dog breeder for 10 years, after that I left the dog world, and I found the dolly world, first as a collector, and now as a customizer thanks to my lovely fiancé.
I’ve been customizing since 2017, but I know Blythe dolls since 2001/2002.

Amandine Janiszewski
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