The DollyCustom submit page allows you to send your information to be listed on this site. After your info is received, it will be checked to enter the list.

You just need to:

  • Have created and sold at least 10 custom Blythe dolls
  • Fill the following form
  • Click submit
  • Wait until you see the confirmation page. If the form isn't working, send me an email to

All submissions are checked and you will receive an email saying if any other information is needed or if all is okay. New entries are added on a monthly basis, on the first Saturday of each month. You should receive a notification as soon as I process it.

Note: Most submissions that meet the conditions are accepted, but I reserve the right of not listing a customizer that doesn't have the quality of work present in the current list.

  • Your real name (first and last)

  • Your email (will not be public)

  • Where you are located

  • Enter a brief intro about yourself. One or two paragraphs.

  • Brand name of your custom doll service

  • When did you start customizing Blythe dolls (year)?

  • Check YES if you accept commissions/orders to do custom dolls.

  • Ebay URL

  • Etsy URL

  • Facebook Page URL

  • Flickr URL

  • Instagram URL

  • Pinterest URL

  • Twitter URL

  • Tumblr URL

  • Website URL

  • YouTube URL

  • You do not have access to upload / browse files. Contact your website admin to resolve.

    Large horizontal image of your favorite Blythe custom

  • Check YES to you confirm that you have created and sold more than 10 Custom Blythe dolls.

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