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I fell in love with Blythe dolls a few years ago, after I had stumbled upon beautiful work by talented Blythe artists online. Being an artist myself, I immediately dove into creating my own version of these gorgeous dolls and haven’t been able to put down my tools since that very first project.
I remember how proud I was of the first ever doll I sold and how much I thought I knew about doll-making then, and though I’m still proud of my early work, I learned that there is no limit to how much you can improve – I’m still learning and experimenting, and for me, that’s the best part of being an artist.
I strive to create dolls that are unique, cute, and, of course, high-quality – I want you to love and enjoy these adorable characters for many, many years! I have a background in fine arts and am very happy to finally be doing what I truly love and sharing my art and passion with all of you!

I am also passionate about animals. I have a rescue cat named M’ishkin who has been a beloved family member for years and is my constant companion. Having him has made me even more aware than before of how amazing and loving our pets are, and how much better and happier our lives are when they’re by our side, so I always make an effort to support local animal shelters by contributing a portion of my sales to help them with their amazing work.

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