Interview with Poonchaya

Poonchaya is perhaps one of the most innovative of Blythe dolls customizers. She has created from very early very expressive dolls, working on facial details such as pouty lips, sad expressions (eyebrows, mouth), painted noses and even braces. Her dolls are very distinctive and full of personality.

I think you should always practice your carving: do it regularly, and you will get better and better.


DollyCustom posed 12 questions to Poonchaya about her history as a customizer, her process, and techniques. Here are those questions:

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I am a custom doll artist from Thailand. I’ve been doing custom Blythe dolls for the past eight years. They’re like fairies to me. They make me smile on a sad day, and they give me joy when playing with them. I’m so happy that this is my work.

When and how did you discover Blythe dolls?

My husband bought me one as a birthday gift ten years ago. I fell in love immediately.

How long did it take for your style to emerge?

My style developed as I like to try out expressions of emotions such as anger, sadness, and happiness (smiling).

Do you do this as a hobby or professionally?

At first it was a hobby, but now it’s my profession.

What is your creative process like? Do you plan your custom dolls from start to finish or just go with the flow?

I don’t plan for my custom work. Even though I don’t do any planning or sketching, I do take a lot of photos of my work to compare or even to compare with photos of children.

I usually work on 4 to 5 dolls per month, and it will depend on the difficulty of the job and weather. 

What is your favorite part of this process and your least favorite?

I like it all, but my favorite is carving. I love to see their mouth and nose take shape.

How long does it take you to customize one doll? Do you do one at a time or multiple?

I can’t say as it’s uncertain. Sometimes it takes me a week, other times 3 days. It depends on the difficulty and amount of elements. I work on multiple dolls (3-4) at the same time.

Where do you work on your dolls? Do you have a dedicated workplace?

I work from home, and I have a dedicated room for my custom work.

How would you characterize your style?

My style is expressive, dolls that show emotions such as happiness (smiling), anger (pouty) and I like to think that I develop innovative work.

What are your favorite tools? What is your favorite Blythe mold to customize?

I like the carving knife, and I prefer the SBL and RBL molds.

How did you develop the pricing model for your dolls?

I have a base price for the dolls that can increase depending on details.

For the beginner customizer, what advice would you give them?

I think you should always practice your carving: do it regularly, and you will get better and better.

Poonchaya is undoubtedly one of the most original Blythe doll customizers of the panorama today. She creates highly expressive dolls with a myriad of facial details that can only be possible by her hard and high volume of work. Her dolls are very recognisable as she has developed multiple styles and looks for them. Always trying to go a little further, to try a new expression, a new look within her style.

Make sure to follow her work by checking her profile and her social media.

  • Dolls: 450+ (4-5 per month for the past 8 years)
  • Started: 2009-2010
  • How to Purchase: Etsy / Facebook / Instagram
  • Favorite Customizers: Tiina