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I’m a doll collector from Russia. I live in Siberia near Baikal, the deepest and biggest freshwater lake on Earth.
I’m married and have a daughter. Everyone in our family has a hobby, from books and dolls to motorbikes, ski kiting and snowboard. We love traveling, exploring new places, getting to know different cultures. Hong Kong and Copenhagen, Shanghai and Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Beijing… we are always ready to hit the road.
We have a cat because a home is just a house without a cat.
My profession is a teacher of English but I work in aviation, planning flights, English turned into a hobby now. I fell in love with fashion dolls in 2009 and my daughter is responsible for that, she showed me how diverse and amazing doll world could be. As a child, I used to play with cars and soldiers, dolls never particularly interested me. Now I know why I was accumulating energy to seriously play later.LOL, The biggest part of my collection is Fashion Royalty dolls but from my early days as a doll maniac, I remember being fascinated by the big-headed girl with attitude and magical gaze. Blythe girls became a big part of my life in 2013 when I I decided to try customizing. And it was fun, I loved it! I’m learning new things with every doll, trying new techniques. What fascinates me most is the moment when I complete my new doll, I put all the parts together and she opens her eyes and looks at me for the first time, she is alive.

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