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I’m Alexandra Fimia, born in Madrid, but at 21 I came to live in Barcelona. I am a publicist, and I work as director of marketing and projects in an agency in Barcelona. Noa in clouds was born when I customized my first doll, in 2013. I started creating only dolls and clothes for myself, but I was very lucky, and people from Instagram started asking me to customize their Blythe dolls. At first, it was just for fun, but little by little I started doing custom work to order and opened my Etsy shop. I currently have clients with whom I work for commission and also sell some Blythe dolls that I customize for adoption.
I like that my dolls are a little sad and melancholic, but always with sweet features. One of the things that distinguish my work, is that many have natural human hair, and gives them a different style.
I also sew clothes, paint eyechips, and make small dioramas.
As my family and friends tell me “I Think in Blythe” — I love the Blythe world.

Alexandra Fimia
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