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Hi everyone, my name is Naomi Driedger and my husband Johnny and I I’ve in a small town located in northern Alberta. We don’t have any children yet but we do have a little Yorkshire terrier named Tori that we love very much. I am a journeyman hairstylist and worked full time in the trade for over 3 years and now work for a company called Farm Credit Canada. I work at the office full time but I still do a little hairstyling on the side of course. I discovered Blythe in June of 2015. I did not like the stock dolls at all but was intrigued with the custom dolls. I’ve always had an interest in different types of dolls over the years but Blythe was something else entirely! What appealed to me the most was that someone had actually made them, they weren’t just factory produced and identical to others. After a lot of "googling" I decided to take the plunge and purchase my very first Blythe. That eventually lead to testing the waters in attempting some of my own custom work.
I am currently specializing in Blythe customizations by working with other artists around the world to complete their finished looks. My personal areas of expertise are carving & reroots. My projects often take longer to create as I send the dolls away to an artist for the faceup and I only complete them as I have extra time outside of my full-time banking job. Over the last few years, I have gotten to know so many great artists and use the funds from my own doll sales towards growing my own personal collection. The Blythe world is truly wonderful and I’m very happy to be a part of it!

Naomi Driedger
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