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I am Nana from Chengdu in China. I like handwork and painting, especially watercolor. I first learned about Blythe in 2016. I was immediately attracted to this lovely doll, and then I began to study how to modify it.
Now, helping others to customize Blythe is my biggest hobby and my full-time job. I have always tried to give Blythe different looks, emotions and background stories, and hope to create more vibrant dolls, so I painted on Blythe’s backplate and eyelids. I also painted some tattoos on her body to make them more individual. In my process of customizing Blythe dolls, I am most proud of the fact that I designed a brand new ear for them, including human ears, elf ears, middie Blythe ears, and the easiest to install Blythe’s ears. In my opinion, every Blythe is unique. In the future, I will try to customize cuter Blythe dolls and create interesting Blythe accessories.

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