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Sandra Coe lives just outside of Detroit, MI in a spooky old house surrounded by an enchanted garden, along with her husband, painter Pete Coe, their two dogs, and two bunnies.  Her dolls are influenced by everything from science fiction characters to the beautiful women of Detroit’s underground scene.  Sandra has created art dolls for much of her life, but it wasn’t until discovering Blythe in 2015 that her passion for dollmaking truly blossomed. She especially enjoys the variety of skills involved in creating each element of a doll, from carving and painting, to rooting hair, hand painting eye chips, and sewing the perfect outfit for each doll. "My husband and I have a large collection of toys, and I discovered Blythe while searching for Wednesday Addams dolls.  I always expect my dolls to have a spooky vibe, because those are the sort of dolls I like best myself, but my girls often seem to turn out rather sexy or playful instead. It seems as though each doll I create has her own vision of who she wants to be, and I am just the conduit for bringing them to life—-I swear that they talk to me as I work, demanding different hair colors or outfits than I had planned to give them.  I always listen to them though and give in to their demands!"When not making dolls, Sandra can be found killing weeds, adding more hot peppers to a new recipe, checking out her friends’ artwork at one of Detroit’s outsider galleries, watching something with subtitles, floating lazily down a river in her kayak, or chatting up her fellow dollmakers on Instagram.  She has one son, a film student at UNCSA, who will be taking her to the Oscars some day.

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