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My name is Cindy and my nickname is XinBi. I am from Bandung city in Indonesia. My current job is game programmer. I don’t know how many games I made lol. I love mammals, especially dog and cat but sadly I can’t have pets at home. First time I learn BJD dolls from the internet then I wanted to adopt one. A friend sells me one cause she wants to focus on collecting Blythe dolls. She sent me Blythe photos but that didn’t interest me at that time. After some days I started to get curious about what is a Blythe doll and why they have so many facial expressions. I learned that Blythe can be customized, and I was very interested to try my first custom doll. It happened in February 2016. So it has been a year since I start customizing. I am still learning and I hope many people love my works

Cindy Herly
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