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My name is Melanie Matteoli, better known in the doll world as Melacacia. I live in Northern California, USA. In a sweet little farmhouse at the edge of the redwood forest with my husband and two children. We currently have a cat, 3 dogs, 22 chickens, 4 goats, and a pond full of fish and frogs  
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and was a professional photographer before I discovered Blythe.  
I have been customizing Blythe dolls for 10 years now, beginning in 2007. My art studio is in my house, so I work from home and my dolls and my art are inspired by my life surrounded by nature. I strive to make my dolls look as natural and real as possible and people often comment that my custom dolls stand out because they “have a soul”. That is my goal with each girl. I also design and sew doll clothes and those too have an organic and natural feel to them. I am currently in the process of renovating my studio and am excited to be finished with that so I can start creating again! Yay Blythe!

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