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I live in Sweden but I’m originally from the Czech Republic. I have lived here for 33 years so maybe I’m more Swedish than Czech now but I don’t know. I have 7 children, a part time job to pay the bills and making my BJD dolls as a hobby so far. I work together with my daughter Mjusi. She paints sculpts and helps with lots of feedback on the work 🙂 My most doll making are BJD. Blythe I do as relaxation and for fun. I began with them 2014 but I take pauses often because the BJD girls are craving attention. I just love how different they can be and how fast the new trends spread around in this hobby. I don’t think I can define my self as person or customizer. The reason why I choose my name is also that I can’t stuck with just one style too long. So I choose meadow because the flowers there are so different and you never know which one will be dominating next season. you can just be sure they will flower and it will be pretty. 🙂 My dolls tend to be cute and happy but not always.

Miroslava Brodlova
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