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My name is Marina Gordeeva. I am the mother of three children and a puppet fairy in combination.

It all started with my little girl, who, like all children, having seen in other profiles of handmade dolls, asked: “Mom, let’s order?” I decided to make myself a doll from childhood. I knew how to sew, and it was easy and fun. My mom is a fashion designer. After kindergarten she often took me to her Atelier, where she worked with grandma. There I had my own box of fabric scraps and eleven of my favorite dolls. I cut off a piece of fabric and add it to my collection, while mom wasn’t looking. However, when on a specially prepared piece of cloth was found a hole, I was getting a scolding) So mom made for my doll patterns, so I engaged in sewing. And as far as I remember, we in the house always there was a sea of rags, reels, and other sewing stuff. How much I remember myself, I have sewed my whole life, created different interesting things. Now I sew not only clothes, but I also make handmade art dolls. I adore bright and simultaneously gentle, cheerful colors. I create my dolls with joy and love! I imagine how people get them as a gift, start to rejoice and smile. For me, it’s so important. This is my calling, this is my inspiration with the help of my dolls to give joy to other people! This is my life! This became my creativity. If you want to cheer yourself up, see photos and videos of cute dolls, look into my Instagram. And your mood will instantly improve!

Marina Gordeeva
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