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I am Marina, 40 years old. I live in Russia in the old town of Shuya.
I have a beautiful 20-year-old daughter.
It was my daughter who encouraged me to become a Blythe doll customizer. We accidentally saw a photo of Blythe on the Internet. We admired their cute faces and their photogenicity. We fell in love with her at first glance!
With me lives my favorite pet – British cat Beatrissa.
Since childhood, I have been fond of different types of creativity. I studied at an art school. But now I work as a manager, and creativity – dolls, photos, graphic design – is my hobby in my free time.
And I also love to travel! I try 2 times a year to visit new countries or cities. It is during my travels that I find inspiration for creativity!
With love, Marina

Marina Datsenko
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