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My name is Mariana Pellegrini, I’m 28 years-old and I work in an illustration studio located in Porto Alegre (Brazil) as a concept artist and character designer. I also do tattoos and tradicional illustrations. I use to draw since I was a child, and I love vintage stuff, candies, puppies AND dolls. My first contact with Blythes was searching for references for my job in the internet (I’ve just addopted Olive, my Simply Vanilla, in the same day!). Now I also collect Strawberry Shortcakes, Liccas, Barbies, Susies, JerryBerries, FunkoPops and some action figures too. I started customizing Blythes in 2012, and my favorite kinds are EBL and FBL (they’re so sweet!). All of my dolls say something about me. Hope you like it!

Mariana Pellegrini
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