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I am Natt – Little Dolls Room from Thailand.
I started customizing Blythe Dolls in 2008, with a passion for art and, of course, dolls are all about combining art. I fell in love with Blythe because she can change the color of her eyes and adjust their direction. I think that is the most fantastic and I’ve never have seen it before. Other dolls can’t do it like she does.

I hope my dolls can communicate emotions to people who are passionate about my work. I am very grateful for those good feelings that I receive through feedback.
In 2017, I started to create something new: the oriental Blythe Doll. A Blythe with small Asian eyes, inspired by myself ?. I hope my new work is recognized by people in the Blythe world, I will continue to develop it.

I believe that doing is better than just thinking. Think and do are the best.
Don’t worry about negative or positive feedback, you can keep them for motivation and encouragement for yourself and your work.

Natt Sinsakul
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