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Being artistic was always a part of who I was, and I’ve had many opportunities to express it throughout my life. I’ve had several novels published under a pen name, and I’ve dabbled in scrapbooking and was accepted onto multiple scrapbooking design teams for top companies in the industry, and had many of my creations published in magazines. I’m also a traditional artist. My paintings are in private collections all over the world, and I’ve shown my paintings in various galleries. I’ve made my home in Delaware, where I live with my husband and two children, and our little furry friends. ​
In 2018, I discovered Blythe dolls and fell in love! I quickly became a Blythe collector and immediately jumped into the customization process. I love everything from carving, to adding charms, to doing the makeup and styling the hair. Each step of the way is something fun and new, but the best part is when everything is completed, the last pieces put together, and a new girl is “born”.

Ela Tell
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