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Someone wrote that all the things that people forget and loose end up on the Moon. You can find your missing socks after put them in the washing machine, or maybe the dreams that you have forgotten after waking up.
“We are what we dream”. La Coterie de la Lune is a place near and far in which to find small fragments of dreams. And many dolls and cats. Especially cats. Because cats are my soulmates.

I have a very ordinary job, but when I can finally get back here, I can start again to be myself. I work mainly on BJD, but customizing Blythe dolls is a creative process that amuses me every time because despite the initial project it always turns an unexpected way. Being a collector, I understand the importance that customizing can make on a doll. It is the essence of his personality, it is not easy to change much like a wig or a dress. Every time I work for someone, or someone appreciates my work, I am deeply grateful for the trust that I’ve been given.

I live in Italy and work in a small room full of dolls, books, and lilac things. I love Role Playing Games because they offer the possibility of being a hundred of myself, and sometimes I take inspiration from my characters to customize my dolls.

I really like to write and paint and any creative process that leads to the birth of something that was just a fantasy, a thought. Isn’t this one of the magical human abilities? It is for sure.

Sara Bonfadini
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