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Hi, I’m Melanie Bouman. I am a fashion design student from the Netherlands and hope to graduate this year. Besides my studies, I’m working as a dishwasher at a brasserie and as a Blythe doll customizer. I still live at home with my parents, sister and 2 cats. One cat is mine she is called Sientje the other is called Snoepy. A hobby of mine is drawing and making clothes. In the future, I would like to create some more Blythe doll clothes. I discovered Blythe early 2013 when I saw a picture of them on the internet and immediately fell in love. Since then I’ve become a Blythe doll collector and customizer and loving the hobby. My first Blythe doll also became my first custom. One can describe my customs as natural and sweet but also funky. I like to create different girls and experiment with different materials.

Melanie Bouman
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