Join DollyCustom

If you are a Blythe doll customizer that has done and sold 10 or more Blythe doll customs you can apply to join this unique community.

However, DollyCustom is currently being updated to a new version (version 3) and we won’t be adding new members to the current site – BUT – we are adding potential members to the waitlist and also PRO members.


So, even though new members are on hold at the moment, you can still send your information so that, as soon as version 3 is up, you will be invited to join.


If you don’t want to wait, you can subscribe to the pro membership where besides having your profile page created in some days, you will get other benefits just as a monthly promotion on social media.

How to Apply

Click on one of the options below (will open a form where you can fill it with all your information).

Thanks so much! PS: You can still ask to make a promo post on Instagram.