Join DollyCustom

If you are a Blythe doll customizer that has done and sold 10 or more Blythe doll customs you can apply to join this unique community.

Join DollyCustom - if you have done and sold 10 or more custom Blythe dolls you can apply to join this unique community.

Advantages of Joining

When joining the DollyCustom community you will have a page with links to your social media, a gallery of photos showcasing your dolls and also, a rotating profile card on social media, promoting your work alongside with the other members.

How to Apply

Click on the pink button below (will open your email app so that you can fill with all your information). Don’t forget to attach 10 photos of 10 different custom Blythe dolls that you have created (only Blythe dolls, no Icy dolls or other clones). Photos need to be at least 1400px at its larger size. You can also send photos as a zip file or using a service such as WeTransfer.

After I get your email, you should receive a reply from me with a date when your profile page will be created. Or if any other information is needed.

Thanks so much! I hope to get your application soon!

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