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I graduated from the Academy of Arts University, San Francisco as a Fashion Design major student and used to work in the fashion industry in New York City for about 2 years. After I got married, I quitted my job and moved back to China. My story with Blythe is actually quite short. I’ve seen Blythe dolls in magazines when I was still in high school and I was really impressed. However, the time I started to really know about her was in early 2018. Then, after a few years devoting my time to my family, I started to work as a Blythe customizer. I am always very into creative and beautiful things and love to do crafts. Therefore, I am enjoying doing Blythe customizing and so far, I am only concentrating on Blythe. One thing I love the most about Blythe is her unique proportion of her head and body. This gives her a modern look, weird, but cute. Also, the moldability of her makes extremely attractive to me. Now I am a freelance Blythe customizer and a fulltime mom with two kids.

Rongrong Wei
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