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If I have stood out on something since she was little, it has been in creativity. I was always thinking about stories, drawing things, or doing different crafts. When I got older, I left all that aside… although it has always been in me, and at different times in my life, I’ve regained that creativity a little, and I’ve done some things in isolation.

Some time ago, I discovered a doll with a big head and huge eyes: Blythe. They really caught my attention. They seemed to me to be cute and very expressive. I decided to customize a Blythe and I discovered that it was something that I was really passionate about and made me happy.

So, I created Isillien Custom Dolls. And a dream was born… a project full of creativity and a lot of hope.

If you like collecting these dolls as much as I like creating them, maybe you will find in Isilien Custom Blythe Dolls a unique and special doll to add to your collection… or some nice accessory for your dolls.

Ro Iglemar
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