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Hello! My name is Sara and I’m from Córdoba, Spain. I studied Fine Arts in Seville and moved to Madrid, where I’ve been working as an illustrator, designer and art teacher for 16 years. I discovered Blythe in Gina Garan’s pictures for Sony Minidisc ads. I was fascinated but never thought I could buy one of those amazing dolls for myself. It was some years later, in 2009, that I started my research again and found some online shops, forums and tutorials about customization. I joined the Flickr doll community back then. Despite being into the artistic field for many years, customizing dolls is one of the most amazing creative challenges I’ve ever experienced. It involves so many inspirational approaches so you will never get bored with it: carving, sculpting, makeup, hairdressing, fashion, photography, illustration… And eventually a little creature is born. A creature you can play with and use to take awesome pictures! No wonder we all get hooked :).

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