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I’m an automotive engineer by daytime and doll customizer at all other times 🙂

I’ve been customizing reborn dolls (real looking babies) back in Florida between 2006-2012 as a hobby. They were silicone dolls and required a lot of interesting work and a lot of space. Back in Florida, I had a studio in my house.

I was also teaching drawing classes focusing on manga/cartoon style to different age groups within the Jacksonville Public Libraries, where I was the head of the teen library for the whole organization looking after 25 branches.

I got into customizing Blythe dolls last year, I was always a big fan and had only one Kenner Blythe that I never dared to take out of her box. Then I discovered factory Blythes and Neo Blythe dolls, so I decided to customize a few for myself to start my own collection. Unfortunately -or fortunately!- all of them are sold and I still don’t have any custom Blythes by me!

I sold around 12 so far and have a waiting list for another 15+ custom orders. I make the knit outfits, little amigurumi accessories and custom eye chips myself. I usually list the dolls on eBay, combining my handmade knit outfits with ready-made ones. So far everything I listed was sold in the first listing.

I’m a person of many cultures, I was born and raised in a multi-national family, living in Turkey, Greece, Florida and now the U.K.

I’m married with no kids but we adopted the most fantastic puppy in the world a few months ago. His name is Jasper, he’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who gives me a lot of inspiration and absolutely hates my dolls. He won’t go near them and if he sees one he won’t shut up.

I really enjoy reading, painting, bullet journaling, and all sorts of crafts but to be honest, Blythes take all my spare time now.

Pelin Cimen
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