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My name is Gina, I am 39 years old and I work as a self-employed artist. I live together with my hubby in Osnabrueck – Germany, without pets or kids. Actually, I come from the North Sea coast, but since a few years, we live in the birth town of my husband. I’ve accidentally discovered Blythes when googling and totally fell in love with them (that was about 4 years ago). My first doll was a Prima Dolly Saffy. I remember like today that I found Saffy’s flat face very strange. But I think everyone feels like this, when getting their first Blythe. For about 3 years I customize Blythe dolls. But most of all I paint small miniature landscapes on the eyelids and I think this is what makes me special. I have a small Blythe doll collection. At the moment I have 20 total – NEOs & Middies. My hobbies are: collecting Barbie dolls and their wardrobe (I have about 150 dolls ^_^), taking photos – I am a trained photographer – drawing, laughing, Harry Potter and of course customizing :).

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