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My name is Gina, and I work as a self-employed artist. I live together with my hubby in Osnabrueck – Germany, without pets or kids. Actually, I come from the North Sea coast, but since a few years, we live in the birth town of my husband. I’ve accidentally discovered Blythes when googling and totally fell in love with them (that was 2012). My first doll was a Prima Dolly Saffy. I remember like today that I found Saffy’s flat face very strange. But I think everyone feels like this when getting their first Blythe. Two years later I started customizing them. But most of all I paint small miniature landscapes on the eyelids and pull charms. And I think this is what makes me special. I have a small Blythe doll collection.
My hobbies are: collecting Vintage Barbie dolls and their wardrobe (I have about 150 dolls ^_^), taking photos – I am a trained photographer – drawing, laughing, Harry Potter, and of course customizing :).

Gina Schlote
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