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Hi, I’m Fifi Wilson, a doll customizer living in Scotland, UK. My name, fifilatrixabel, was a nickname I was given at Art School, and it kind of stuck. I bought my first Blythe, a Cassiopeia Spice in 2010 but quickly began to rescue ‘baits’ (half-finished or badly carved dolls) as a cheaper way to learn how to carve and paint which is perhaps why my work can involve epoxy sculpting as well as carving. I still love making an unloved rescue doll desirable again!

I love pin-ups and B-movies so many of my customs are based on fantasy creatures like vampires and mermaids. I also love the challenge of using my portrait painting skills in making real-life characters like my Twiggy custom for BCUK and my concept doll based on Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit Netflix show.

I split my time between professional portrait painting and customizing, so I can take on a few commissions a year, but the project has to really light my fire! 🙂

Above all, I love Blythe for the community behind the doll and am always thankful for the wonderful people I have met, many of whom have become amongst my best friends.

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