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My name is Kinga Deutsch. I have a beautiful family with two children: a boy and a girl. I am a regular mother during the day, working in the office and managing my family but in the nights after my little girl falls asleep, I shape a new world where I can make my OOAK cute Blythe dolls and shabby chic furniture. When you are a mother of a cute blonde little girl, you cannot resist starting something to prepare her what you missed from your own childhood. This is exactly what happened to me a couple years ago. I started to make dollhouses and miniature furniture first. But last year I met with Blythe dolls. (Honestly, this doll is not very known here in my country.) So I met her, and I totally fell in love with her. After I bought my first doll, I soon realized that customization was a new challenge and passion in my life. And I always loved challenges ?. I enjoy every moment what I spend with imagining, making, styling and photographing the process.

Kinga Deutsch
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