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Hello, my name is Gisele Bianchini and I have the Bianchini Studio as a brand for my customizations and Blythe products in general. I am a graphic designer and product designer by training, and also a doll customizer from Brazil. I started collecting Blythe dolls in 2007, and in the same year, I decided to customize my dolls for fun. In 2008 I started customizing Blythe dolls on commission. Starting as a weekend hobby, and doing commissioned work by night, I worked on my regular job during business hours. However today it has taken such proportions that this has been my 24 hours work day since a few years ago! I breathe and live the world of dolls, My head is always creating novelty products like eyes, pull rings, and outfits … and all that imagination allows! I have my workplace inside my house, in the middle of trees, and birds, a quiet place, and the company of my husband, and our canine children (3 furry ones) who are always participating in everything I do!

Gisele Bianchini
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