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Erregiro is Rafael R. Girona, Bachelor of Fine Arts and professional makeup artist. Creator of ERREGIRO® brand that signs his photographic and doll customizations works. He lives in Utrera, Seville (Spain). From his very early years, he starts in the world of images by the need to share with others internal parts of his inner world. He studied Fine Arts, Photography, and Makeup. In 2007 he starts his career in the world of customizing dolls and now he is considered one of the 19 best artists internationally by Junko Wong, Blythe Creative Director and CEO of the CWC Japan group. His works have been part of different exhibitions in different countries and cities and are spread across the five continents as pieces of art and collectibles. In the publishing world, there are five books which collect his work internationally: Metamorphosis, Art of Blythe, The Doll Scene, The Doll House, Super Cute Dolls, The art of Erregiro and TOYLAND. Medias like television, newspapers and different cultural and fashion magazines have echoed his works, interviews and blog posts, websites and digital magazines.

Rafael Girona
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