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Hello beautyful creatures of the world! I’m Vanessa and my addiction for Blythe started 2011. I was hypnotized by her changing eyes, I had never seen such a thing before. A few month later I started making hand-painted custom Blythe eyechips. I loved to give these dolls another look by creating new, mesmerizing eyes for them. Not long after that, I tried my first custom Blythe – and this is what I do until now: Customize eyechips and dollies. My creations always have a theme. Most of my dolls are colorful, crazy, funny little things – I love to create girls that fit in my concept from top to toe. My art studies help me with this. When I´m not working on Blythe dolls I´m on tour with my Celtic-Medieval-Folkrock Band Dunkelschoen or I help pupils with their problems as a social worker in school. Life is colourful! ☺ Love and Pixiedust Vanessa

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