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I’m Aya and I live in Poland. Actually, ‘Aya’ is my nickname, as the full name ‘Agnieszka’ causes many troubles to my foreign friends and customers 😉 After I finished University, I’ve been working for an international corporation for a few years (finance and accounting field), but I’ve always wanted something else for myself. Thanks to people who helped me to believe in myself and be courageous, I’ve decided to quit the job and do what I really like to do, which is art, dolls, and handicraft. I’ve been collecting dolls since 2012. I learned how to sew for them and how to make dioramas. First I had only Dals and Pullips, then BJDs and finally Blythes. I started customizing them in 2016 and I really enjoy it 🙂 My other hobbies are traveling, fashion, home decorating and cars (especially American muscle cars). And I think all of this defines me – I do many different things and never have enough time for them 🙂

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