DollyCustom redesign is live!

The DollyCustom project was launched September 29, 2014, and until July 2017 it gathered over 360 customizers from 34 different countries and showcased more than 5000 dolls for adoption.

DollyCustom redesign (partial screenshot of the homepage)

While in its first version, it had a long homepage with all customizers featured with an image and links to their social media and online presence. Later on, it was added a page with custom Blythe dolls for adoption coming from Etsy and eBay. Over 41700 users visited the site since its launch.

Currently, the DollyCustom site is listed as #1 on Google when searching for custom Blythe dolls (above eBay, Etsy, and Aliexpress).

What's new

Hopefully, with the new version, DollyCustom will have more content to show about the Blythe doll customizers: their work, techniques and opinions. From around 5 pages the project expanded to almost 400. Both creators/sellers and collectors/buyers will enjoy it even more with this new version.

DollyCustom’s mission remains the same: to promote the amazing artists that are currently creating custom Blythe dolls, to showcase their work, and also to enable their fans to learn more about them and where to find these amazing dolls.


In the new version, you will be able to see:

  • 1 page per customizer, with a small gallery, links to social media, a brief intro about themselves and a sneak peak of their Etsy shop when available
  • Interviews with the most amazing artists – a deep insight into their lives, work and concerns
  • Blog section with articles and news
  • Dolls section with custom Blythe dolls for adoption

I would like to thank this amazing community of artists and fans for making this project possible.