DollyCustom launches a Patreon page

UPDATE (May 26, 2018): Currently, DollyCustom’s Patreon page is closed. Please contact me if you want to support the project in exchange of promotion on the site or social media. Thanks!

DollyCustom has been around since 2014 and has now almost 400 customizers listed with a profile page for each. Besides the site, every day new promotional posts are made on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to help Blythe doll customizers be known all around the world. Since the redesign, every other week, a new interview is published with a pro customizer showcasing their work, stories, and techniques.

More can be done. Ideas are innumerable. But that takes time (and money as well).

So, why not let the community help? If you are a customizer or even if you aren’t, for only $1 you can support this project. There are different tiers of rewards depending on the support you can offer (and you can un-support or change tiers any time). For those who become patrons, they will have their name featured in a page in this site and also access to the Patreon feed and other perks.

Make sure to visit and check it out! I would love to get to the first goal until the end of this year, but that is only dependent on you 🙂