Custom Blythe Dolls for Adoption

Every week this page gets updated with newly added custom Blythe dolls for sale. To check the price and details for each doll, just click the image.

PS: If you want to have your dolls on this list, make sure to list them on Etsy before Wednesday and Saturday morning. 

Etsy Dolls

OOAK Costume Blythe Doll N0.2 by MarinasDollHouse

Ooak Blythe Custom by Eliseodolls

Custom Blythe “HAPPY LIFE” by FedorovaArt

OOAK Blythe TBL doll custom

Blythe Custom – Marie. OOAK Blythe doll by NexbetDolls. TBL.

Ooak Custom Blythe Ginger and Nutcracker by Blythetinyworlds

Tabby Cat Girl OOAK Custom by TeddyBlythe

Voodoo Blythe Boy ‘Bertrand’ by HOfMurdockknitwear

Voodoo Blythe Doll ‘Bayou’ by HOfMurdockknitwear

Louise* Blythe custom ooak blythe doll custom by GulnaZenDolls

Lilly Lavender custom Blythe by BlueBlazyBlythe

Custom Blythe Doll for Adoption Alice by HeavensToys

Astartea Blythe Custom by Blankiandoll

Blythe Doll OOAK ‘Darla’ by AdorablyMini

OOAK Custom n. 73 Blythe doll – by Silviacat

Lyïriana. OOAK Custom Blythe doll. by AriadnaSThread

Ooak Custom Blythe Art Doll ‘Clémentine’ by Iriscustom

Ooak Custom Blythe Art Doll ‘Loulou’ by Iriscustom

Custom Blythe – Gothic bride by AzyWorld

Blythe Custom Doll OOAK B#55 by Kitasin

Custom Blythe doll – spirited Scarlett by StacySundayShop

Custom blythe doll by VitalinaBlythe

Black Dragon OOAK Custom Blythe Doll by TeddyBlythe

OOAK custom tattooed mermaid blythe art doll by BeeBopBlythes

Fake Blythe doll customized by Florita2010

Custom Blythe Doll “Jaycee” by Bravura Dolly

Blythe Custom ‘MATHILDA’ by Myfunblythe

Blythe Custom by ElBauldeRousi

Red-headed Blythe by Blythears

Custom Blythe doll – Dulce by FantasyDreamCreation

Custom Petite Blythe – Ginger by FantasyDreamCreation

Briana Doll Blythe Custom by Blankiandoll

PJdolls- [Pinoko] Custom Petite Blythe Doll by PJdolls

Custom Blythe Doll OOAK. Anuska by XeskaCustom

Personalized Blythe doll by Florita2010

Middie Blythe Custom by ElBauldeRousi

Basaak, Blythe clone, brown hair by marycatblythe

Custom Blythe doll – 2018 Holiday Special Edition! – Crystal by FantasyDreamCreation

Custom Blythe – Mina, a goth babe by FantasyDreamCreation

Custom Blythe doll – Lola by FantasyDreamCreation

Ebay Dolls

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