Custom Blythe Dolls for Adoption

Every week this page gets updated with newly added custom Blythe dolls for sale. To check the price and details for each doll, just click the image.

PS: If you want to have your dolls on this list, make sure to list them on Etsy before Wednesday and Saturday morning. 

Etsy Dolls

Custom Blythe Doll by CollumbineBlythe

Blythe doll Elf by interiordolls777

Custom Blythe Doll by SimplyBlytheDolls

Custom Blythe Doll

Blythe custom doll by BlytheMoonlightShop

Blythe doll Little Bunny by BlytheAndBears

Blythe custom by BlueBlazyBlythe

Karina by BlythePrakhovaShop

Factory Blythe Floella by Dollypunk21

Blythe doll custom by ArtDollsByVlad

Blythe Custom Doll Noelle by GrapeSodaDolls

Custom blythe doll Luka by MadeleineDollies

Custom Blythe Doll by SimplyBlytheDolls

Blythe TBL by HexenStudio

Blythe doll Tbl by NatashikBlythe

Blythe custom doll by BlytheRU

Blythe doll custom by ArtDollsByVlad

Blythe Vampire Custom by AlinariShop

Blythe Custom by Eviberry

Custom Blythe by KateShopGifts

Blythe custom doll by DollannaShop

Blythe doll custom by ArtDollsByVlad

Blythe custom by NatalydollsRU

Blythe doll custom by marycatblythe

Blythe Custom doll Grace by tinipaulini

Custom blythe doll by laxiaodan

Custom Blythe VERONICA by JG Blythecustom

Blythe Doll Custom by BlytheFantazy

CAREN Custom Blythe doll SBL by UnnieDolls

Custom Blythe original by CustomdollLaura

Original Takara Blythe Custom doll by BlytheDollsArt

EBL Blythe Custom Doll BRANKA by KaRyBlytheDolls

Margo custom blythe doll by AlmondDoll

Mia • custom Blythe doll by BohoBlythe

Custom Blythe doll by CustomdollLaura

Blythe Custom doll TBL Mooney by BluesBlythe

Ryan custom Blythe doll by Blythemagic

Blythe doll custom by Poupoupidoudolls

Custom Takara Blythe Meg by ChantillyLace

EBL Blythe Custom Doll ALISHA by KaRyBlytheDolls

SBL Blythe Custom Doll EVA by KaRyBlytheDolls

Melissa Blythe custom by BulanovaDolls

Katie Custom Blythe Doll by PoppinCharlie

Piper Custom takara blythe by Blythemagic

Custom Blythe doll – Fiona by SandraEfigenio

Fanta Custom Blythe doll by OneSweetyDoll

Ana Custom Blythe doll by LittleMatildaAtelier

Custom Blythe doll Calavera by Artemis

Lola – custom blythe doll by AlmondDoll

Blythe custom TBL Kate by Keepertoys

Ebay Dolls

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